July 1, 2021 Don Muraco’s Magnificent Podcast: Episode 7 - Dynamite Kid (Part 1)

Today, WWE's greatest ever Intercontinental Champion tackles one of the greatest ever technical wrestlers and high fliers in the history of the business in the first of a special two part episode. Among the topics explored are Dynamite Kid's near career-ending back injury and coping mechanisms to overcome the pain, Dynamite's mean streak that stretched to fans as well as wrestlers, the differences in personality between Dynamite and his British Bulldog tag team partner and cousin Davey Boy Smith, Davey Boy's oddest tag team partners while Dynamite was out injured and the first time Don and Dynamite met. Elsewhere in the show, the original Prince of Darkness takes on why Captain Lou Albano was fazed out of the WWF in 1986, "Playboy" Buddy Rose' personal demons, why Bam Bam Bigelow was a pig, how much Don spent on road expenses during his WWF heyday, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's secret acts of kindness, Stan Hansen, Terry Funk and the famous Dan Spivey vs Adrian Adonis shoot fight in the middle of the ring. Enjoy!

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